What do you do for a living?

It’s a simple question most of us hear on a regular basis. Which we reply with something like:

“I’m a Business Owner.”
“I’m a CEO.”
“I’m a Founding Partner.”
“I’m a Managing Partner.”
“I’m a Digital Marketer.
“I’m a Bookkeeper.

Instinctively our job titles define us as human beings. Aren’t you more than a generic label though? Yes, of course! You are so much more than your profession. Loving your business and career is one thing, but you should never feel restricted by who and what your title says you are.

"Examine the labels you apply to yourself.
Every label is a boundary or limit you will not let yourself cross."

This goes far beyond careers as well…
“She’s a vegan.”
“He’s a cancer survivor.”
“She’s an ex-wife.
“He’s a dad.”

For some reason we want to slap a label on everything… preferences, characteristics, jobs/roles.

Perhaps, it makes things easier to group together and categorize. Whatever the reason, we often allow titles and labels to corner us into thinking,

"well that's just the way things are because I'm XYZ."

As Wayne Dyer said, “…Every label is a boundary or limit you will not let yourself cross.” This can severely restrict your ability to make decisions and quite frankly, makes it incredibly difficult to actually become the person capable of achieving the goals you’ve set out to. And one cannot live an intentional life by having their choices restricted. Coming from the corporate world, I struggled with finding my “true purpose” post career.

When my son was born, I tried taking on all the quintessential mommy/wife roles like preparing dinner, baking, laundry and even craft projects. You know what, it just didn’t work for me, craft projects stress me out!!! Give me a spreadsheet and I’ll totally geek out! In reality, I’m many things AND, chef and crafter do not make the top of the list and undoubtedly never will (I’d rather do the dishes)!

Being a mom doesn’t mean I solely identify with those characteristics. I find joy and happiness in all of the “things” that make me, me. Including being a successful business owner, a fitness aficionado, a tennis player, a daughter, a friend, a sister, a leader, a mentor, a strategist – you get the idea, the list can go on and on for most of us.

So the next time someone asks the age old question, “What do you do?”, take a moment and craft your answer appropriately.

Hi, my name is Dana and I am a loving mom, lover of books, hooked on learning and growing, avid gym-goer, educator and strategist for small business owners and an overall happy, healthy, optimistic woman.

How’s that for an answer? Tag, you’re it! What will your answer be?

P.S. Are you allowing a title to define your life? To limit what goals you accomplish and which you don’t? If so, I can help you sort through those labels. Sign up for a complimentary Profit Assessment Strategy Call today and let’s get your mindset positioned to accomplish each and every goal you declare..