How to Make an Additional $30K per Month by Selling More with Integrity and Ease…

By January 21, 2016Business

Making more money is great, but having more dollars sitting in some bank account doesn’t really get you anything.  If you’re like most people, what you really want is the vast amount of choices that come with an additional $5k, $10K, and even $30,000 per month in sales?

Imagine having the FREEDOM to DO and GO where you want with who you want?  Vacations, spending more time with people you care about, and LESS STRESS!

If you’re interested, here is how you can do it…

AM Williams PicMy name is A.M. Williams and in my late twenties I was diagnosed with a condition of incomplete paraplegia.

As you can imagine, it was an extremely scary time filled with mountains of uncertainty about the future.  Not only did I lose the ability to walk, but I was forced into dealing with everyday life in ways I’d never experienced before.

Luckily, I met a young wise businesswoman by the name of Cecilia Swonzik who also had the same condition of paraplegia.

Cecilia was a witty, brown hair, blue-eyed veteran of adversity. She had what you would call an extremely optimistic perspective on life I didn’t have.

Continue to struggle or try something different?

One day I was telling her how much I looked forward to getting back on my feet and being “normal”.  That’s when she interrupted me and said to me in her usual assertive tone:

“Walking? What the hell is that A.M.? ANYONE can walk across the room and get a glass of water. 

Who you ARE is more valuable than WALKING, but you just can’t see it. 

You’re too focused on being like everybody else, so you can “fit in.”

The minute you realize you’re capable of PRODUCING VALUE for people by applying YOUR unique talents to solving their unique problems, you’ll see a path to get the financial results you’re looking for.”

I thought to myself WOW…Are you trying to “fit” in the same sales role as everyone else and coming up SHORT every month?

Imagine how your business would change by focusing on …

From that day forward, I made it my BUSINESS to embrace where I was, and embrace I wasn’t “normal” like everyone else. I began to stop comparing myself and instead used that energy to focus on what unique talents I ALREADY possessed…

adding value…And how I could use them to communicate and ADD VALUE to my prospects and clients.

This is when my world COMPLETELY shifted. My body didn’t change but my perspective DID and so did my BANK ACCOUNT.

Since then this lesson has led to SO many profitable business relationships and a VERY lucrative career in sales.  In my fifteen years as an entrepreneur, I have done some pretty amazing things with VERY LITTLE.

And that, my friend, has been the gift.  Because it’s been in the “little,” that I discovered the vast amount of value I was able to provide to the world.

The good news is success is A LOT CLOSER than you may think!

You see, I made it a mission to MASTER communicating with my prospects, clients, and large companies from a place of value.

Value THEY understand.

When you understand what you’re able to do BEST in the world, and apply those natural talents to solving your prospects BIGGEST problems…

…Then you CAN’T stop the money from coming in.

BUT when you learn to COMMUNICATE the outcomes your prospects are looking for instead of what it is you DO for them…

…Well, that’s when you’re providing DUMP TRUCK loads of VALUE and your sales SKYROCKET.

If you’re tired of struggling with increasing your monthly sales this is the time to turn it around, it’s time to MASTER communicating from a place of VALUE…

You don’t have to do it alone!

Download my Values Based Selling System Cheat Sheet by A.M. Williams below to start turning your struggles into sales today.

Inside my complimentary cheat sheet, you’ll discover 3 steps to increasing your sales with integrity and ease.

Add in my Value Based Selling System to what you’ve already got or are already doing and it’s not unusual for my clients to see $30k in sales in 90 days of time…without adding complexity, frustration, or anxiety. Heck, you don’t even need legs to do it!

Value Based Selling Blog Click HereAbout the Author:

Coach A.M. Williams specializes in helping top-tier business leaders, self-employed business owners, and sales people maximize their value to overcome sales challenges and significantly improve their sales.  Having been diagnosed incomplete paraplegic in 2000, A.M. has discovered the gift of challenges, and has been relentless at fulfilling his unlimited potential in business and in life by mastering the art of communicating value.  Today, as a Value Communications expert, Coach A.M. trains, coaches, and mentors top-tier business leaders and sales teams within the competencies and benefits of value-based selling, value-based leadership, and value-based self- image.

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