If you are ready to Level UP in business, this is for you. Level UP is a comprehensive program for dedicated and driven business owners who are committed to significantly grow their business. It is designed to help small business owners let go of fear, scarcity and being STUCK, and instead get into daily, forward moving action to grow a profitable and sustainable business generating up to $200K in revenue.. 

The focus of Level UP is to support you in DOUBLING Your Revenue (at a minimum), and strengthening your leadership, while also building the systems in your business to have this be SUSTAINABLE growth. Literally positioning your business to get off the cash flow roller coaster!

This is an on-going program, available with a commitment of 6 months.

The program includes:

  • Applicable and Easy-to-implement Monthly Content/Training Calls on business building techniques and leadership
  • Business success tools (including downloadable pdf’s)
  • Monthly Ask Dana Q & A Calls
  • Monthly private laser coaching call with Dana
  • Personal Accountability
  • Daily Access to Lead Coach Dana Earhart thru a private FB group
  • Community of Like-Minded, Driven Business Owners Who Are Ready to GROW Their Business and Leadership

No matter how long you’ve been in business or your current business stage, you might be fortunate enough to be rocking it out in an area or two and yet still feel like you are at ground zero in other areas.

Maybe you feel stuck in your own “rat-race”, spending all your time working “IN” your business. You might feel frustrated or just plain overwhelmed thinking about how to grow your business because you are already maxed out and exhausted or worse yet, you feel trapped doing what you are doing to survive, making just enough to pay the bills,

Or maybe you are ready to start implementing BOLD STRATEGY so you can achieve BIG RESULTS.  

You realize that if you truly want to create new results, you need to do things differently.  You need to think differently, you need to act differently, you need to show-up differently and you need to be surrounded with others who understand and can cheer you on.

YOU must want your new results enough to fully commit to them NO MATTER WHAT obstacles or challenges may appear (and they will appear).

Do you want to create a new story for yourself?


It often takes just a little direction, guidance, a lot of perseverance, and commitment to do just that. One thing I know for sure is that you can ABSOLUTELY change your results. You are that powerful if you allow yourself.

Level Up takes you out of confusion, frustration, and overwhelm and gives you the clarity, confidence, and the tools you’ll need to Grow Your Business This Year.

In Level Up, you will receive the nuts and bolts of user-friendly, easy-to-follow trainings, along with the opportunity to truly expand your mindset which will help you shift your perception and become a BOLD STRATEGIST of BIG RESULTS in your business (and your life)!

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Business Building and Leadership Training Calls Monthly

60 minute zoom calls
1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month

These content rich, results-oriented teachings for small business owners are built around the 9 fundamental systems in our Strategic Business Growth Model and includes areas such as:

  • Lead Generation                         
  • Operations
  • Follow-Up and Cultivation       
  • Sales
  • Leadership                                     
  • Client Service Delivery
  • Financials

Ask Dana Monthly Q & A Calls

60 minute calls
2nd Wednesday of each month

Get your burning questions answered live during a monthly open group Q & A call.  All calls will be recorded so don’t worry if you are unable to attend one LIVE. Simply submit your questions in advance and they will be answered during the call and/or in the facebook forum.

Private Laser Focused Coaching Call With Dana Monthly:

You will receive a private, 20-minute laser coaching call monthly.  This call is to personally strategize your next steps.

Come prepared to this call with specific questions and/or challenges to take full advantage of this opportunity.

Business Growth Success Tool Box:

Throughout the program you will receive various tips and tools including trackers, reports and checklists that can be downloaded.