The Power of Intent & 3 Ways to Harness It

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Power of Intent

As children we are often told “you can do or be anything, just put your mind to it.

Intent has always been a part of our lives, hiding in the background, waiting patiently for us to take notice.  Well now is that time.

You could go so far as to argue that intent is the first step to success in business AND truly all aspects of life.

Are you ready to start harnessing the power of intent?

First, let’s go over the difference between goals and intentions.

When you set a goal, it tends to be more rigid, a process that involves a lot of planning, analyzing and reasoning.  We are in total control of the plan and all of the steps leading up to the ultimate goal.

Intentions are similar to goals, only there is no plan.  Scary right?  At first, maybe, but in all actuality, the power of intent is profound (and a little esoteric to many).  You simply intend an outcome, almost like making a wish.  It is based upon the Law of Attraction, which in theory allows you to manifest fuller, more robust outcomes than a goal can.

Goals may or may not be good for you but intentions are always good for you.

The Universe unfolds the journey for a person who has clear and connected intentions and presents them with appropriate opportunities.  A person with intentions may take detours but they do manifest intentions.  A person with a goal can get myopic and may lose opportunities as a result of their tunnel vision.

This may sound easy but the biggest challenge for many people is figuring out exactly what it is they want.  Clarifying your intentions will unlock that.  Here’s 3 easy ways to harness your own personal power of intent.

1. Identify Your True Intention

Ask yourself (and be sure to answer honestly)…
How do I want to feel at this moment?
What do I want to create as a result of my actions?
What is the final outcome I want to see?

Is your intention to truly be conscious of the environment or to just look green?
Is your intention to start a business or just talk about it?
Is your intention to help someone in need or appear to be a hero in the eyes of others?

2. Align Your Intentions With Your Actions

Once you’ve identified your intention you then need to take action.  Is what you’re doing in line with what you’re intending/saying?

Walk the walk, don’t just talk the talk.  When you’re clear on your intention, you will take inspired action as a result.

3. Focus, Focus, Focus

So by now in this little exercise have figured out your intention in this moment.  Identify the specific ways you need to be acting, the words you should be using in order to manifest your intention.

Ask yourself…
What actions are appropriate for my intention?
When I fully embody my intention, what will that feel like?
How will others respond/react?

Revert back to your childhood for a moment and truly believe in yourself.  For the power of intention can propel you toward success in a way nothing else can.

I now challenge you to set an intention for the day and pair that with inspired action.

To Your Continued and Ever Growing Success,


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