Are you growing? Or are you decaying?

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Growth in our lives is so important, whether it is personal growth for yourself, in your relationship, as a parent, as an entrepreneur, growth in faith, in health, in wealth, in finances, in our careers, there are so many avenues for growth – are you on one of them?  

I hope so.  I believe that if we are not growing at any given moment, we are missing out on really being engaged and “alive” in our own lives. 

Some say that if you are not in a state of growth, you must be in a state of decay – this is what I believe.

If you catch yourself at any time feeling as if you are really comfortable, that life is “status quo” or worse yet that you have become complacent in your life, you might want to ask yourself…am I growing?  Or am I decaying?  If you are growing – I encourage you to really acknowledge and applaud yourself, be proud of this.  Keep on growing!

If you find you are not growing, I encourage you to take a few minutes to clear your mind, get quiet and think about your passions, your interests, your life priorities, is there an area you would like to see improve in your life (relationships, health, finances, faith, hobbies, service to others) and set a plan to take action – learn, grow, get engaged in new activities, volunteer. 

We are never guaranteed a tomorrow, make the most of today!

I wish you many blessings and wonderful creations throughout your days! ~ Dana


  • Hello Dana,
    I like this question: “Are you growing? Or are you decaying?” In fact, one way that I keep “growing” is to ask questions, lots of questions of myself and the universe. But, I don’t just stop there – I wait for the answers. I STOP. Breathe. I clear my thoughts, I move my body, feel my feelings – and I embrace the powerful wisdom that I am manifesting through my experience and my Higher Power. Thanks for your writing. -Peace & Blessings!, Phyllis

  • Susan Ekins says:

    Dana, Thank you for the inspiration to continue growing rather than decaying. I’ve always thought we stagnate if we’re not growing, but you’re probably right. Thought-provoking post.

  • admin says:

    Thank you Susan. So happy you received value from this. ~ Dana

  • admin says:

    Thank you Phyllis – I appreciate your insight. So glad you stopped by and liked the article.

  • click to go says:

    The formatting of your post is great. Easy to read, digest and share.

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