Choose Happy

By June 17, 2014Blog, Uncategorized

BE someone that makes YOU happy.

It’s so easy to fall into seasons where we look for happiness outside of ourselves – if I just had a different relationship, a better marriage, if I had a baby, a new house, a promotion, my own business, if I didn’t have to work, if I had more money, a new hobby, a new body, new outfit, new toy, new gadget….you get the idea.

The truth is, we can surround ourselves with new people and things and still find ourselves unhappy, or only happy for a short time.

True happiness, lifelong happiness, is happiness that we find in ourselves.

We create it by focusing on all the blessings in our life, by appreciating the life path and lessons we’ve had that have helped mold us into who we are and by accepting we are exactly where we were meant to be in this moment.

It doesn’t mean we aren’t able to change the course of our life for the next moment, or the moment after that.

There may be times we feel we need help from someone else to get us back on track to be happy. Take the help. Get unstuck. Don’t waste another day or even another moment being unhappy.

Realizing we have the power to control our thoughts and actions can be one of the most empowering realizations.

We do have a choice, a choice to be happy or not. I choose happy. What do you choose?

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