Overwhelm – You are no longer needed!

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Have you ever found yourself in a season of feeling overwhelmed with life, feeling as if you are spread in so many directions that you are not really succeeding in any of them and at the end of the day you have nothing left for anyone, including yourself?  This isn’t the way most of us want to live, and it certainly doesn’t set you up to bring your best self to the game, does it?

When I’ve found myself in this season, I sit down, acknowledge the feeling of overwhelm by saying

“Thank you, your time is over – I no longer have a need for you overwhelm!”  From here I start to re-group myself.  Usually it starts by stopping everything I’m doing and simply breathe – focusing on inhaling and exhaling until I literally feel my body start to slow down and relax.

Once I feel the calmness return, I get quiet and get clear on the priorities I want to set for myself.  I’ll set an action plan in place and go for it.  I may not always implement the plan perfectly, I may falter a time or 2, and that’s ok – I simply acknowledge those moments, forgive myself –and remind myself that I am a work in progress after all!  The most important thing to do in those moments to stay or get back in action –  move forward, one step at a time, big or small steps isn’t nearly as important and making sure the steps are happening!

A quick re-cap:

  •  Acknowledge and release the feeling of overwhelm
  • Breathe
  • Get Clear on priorities I want
  • Set an action plan
  • Take Action

What I love about these 5 simple steps is that they help you to create an environment where your energy levels and clarity can switch so easily and rather effortlessly.

I hope this was helpful.  Feel free to share with others you know who might find this useful.  And please jump over and follow me facebook at www.facebook.com/danaearhartlitif.

For now, I wish you a day filled with incredible blessings and creations!  ~ Dana


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