Thought Provoking Tuesday: Are You Making Good Impressions?


Good Impression

Today’s edition of Thought Provoking Tuesday is a great exercise to gauge how others perceive you.

While you may think you make great impressions, is that really the case?  We’ve all heard just how important that initial meeting and experience can be in business.  The truth is, impressions continue to made each time you “show up”, be that in-person, on the phone, in emails and now days, through social media.

So here is your TPT activity:  Ask a couple people to HONESTLY describe you in three words.  This request could be via email, in person or on the phone.  Although I would highly recommend it being face-to-face since you can actually feel what the person is saying as well as experience their genuine reaction to your question.

Take those answers and ask yourself, am I making good impressions?  Are there qualities you need to work on?  You will be very surprised at the lessons you can learn from this simple, yet effective exercise.

Let me know in the comments below what you think!

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