Thought Provoking Tuesday: Living More Purposefully

Welcome back after your long holiday weekend!  I hope it was a fun-filled weekend with friends and family, appreciating the freedoms that have been gifted to us.

Now it’s back to business and a new installment of Thought Provoking Tuesday (TPT).

Live Purposefully

Many times we get caught up in leading a productive life, when striving to live more purposefully would likely bring us a stronger sense of fulfillment.

In order to live more purposefully we must first know what we want to create and then we need to know why we do what we do.

Each and every day we make hundreds of choices, some are simple like, what to wear?  While others are significant, in fact life altering, thought-consuming decisions like, do I quit my job today?

An intentional life is about defining your values, your goals and making choices with our time, attention and resources that are in alignment and clearly reflect those.  This ultimately allows you the freedom to create time for the things that mean the most to you!

We have half of the year left so how are you going to live more intentionally and purposefully the remainder of 2015?

To Your Continued and Ever-Growing Success,



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