What Baseball Has In Common With Your Business

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baseball and businessMajor League Baseball’s regular season is winding down and that means the hunt for October is on.  Teams on the heels of playoffs and competition is at it’s height.  So what does all this sports talk have to do with your business?  A whole lot, believe it or not!

Baseball and small business have many things in common.  Here’s my list of the top 5 ways running a business is just like baseball.

1.  It’s a Team Sport

A great roster stacked with talent is key for a victorious baseball season, just as a well trained, and educated team of employees is necessary for successful business.

And as the business owner, you get to choose your “players” like a coach chooses his.  In some cases contracts are negotiated for employment and then there’s the hierarchy.  Baseball teams and businesses both have rookies and the seasoned veterans who are familiar with all aspects of the game/biz.

In order for everything to come together and flow properly everyone must work as a team!  In baseball the defense and offense need to bring their A-game and communicate if they want to win, just like in business.

2.  You’re More Than a Boss or Coach

Your title may be CEO, Owner or Manager AND you are so much more than that.  First and foremost you’re leader, teacher, motivator, someone your “teammates” look up to.

A coach and leader serve many different roles, all of which help to shape and drive their team/business toward the ultimate goal of winning.

3.  The Customer is Always Right

MLB teams all play 162 games each season. That’s a lot of seats to fill in the stands.  They do so by keeping their fans happy.

It’s the same concept for customers in a business.  You give them a reason to shop with you or use your services.  Give them an experience like no other company can.  A baseball game isn’t just about the 9 innings, it’s about the ball park experience… the food, the fellow fans, the atmosphere.

So don’t think of your business as simply the end result of a customer’s purchase.  Put thought into how you attract your “fans”?  How is your product or service delivered?  Do you follow up?

You create loyal, raving fans with a great customer experience. Period.

4.  Stats Matter Big Time

Baseball is all about statistics.  From batting averages to win/losses for pitches, fans take note of all those numbers and happenings.

Similarly, your customers keep track of your performance.  Only, in the form of testimonials and reviews.  Your website testimonials, social media shout outs, Yelp, Google, etc. all play a role in your business’s identity and customer perception.  If someone reads a great review about your work done somewhere, they are more apt to pick up the phone and call you.

You get a new sale or job just as a baseball player can pick up a new team through a trade because of his consistent stats.

5.  It’s a New Game Every Day

One day a pitcher can give up 10 runs, the next game he throws a no-hitter.  There’s no telling what any given game will mean for a team as a whole.  A win could secure a wild card spot in the playoffs, while a loss, well you know what that means.

You go to work everyday not knowing what challenges or successes you will encounter.  In order to stay on top of your game, do what the best baseball players do, study and analyze your past performances, continually looking for ways to improve.

There you have it, from a woman who’s not so sports minded and still sees the correlation between America’s favorite past time and business.

Did these comparisons stir up anything in your mind?  What similarities do you see in your business?  What could you work on?  Let me know in the comments below.

And don’t forget to contact me for a complimentary Strategy Call.  I can help you and your team to hit goals in no time -even the 9th inning!

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