Now that we’ve talked about how you can dedicate time to work on you, let’s talk about your team. I mentioned earlier that working on the growth of your team and specifically your team members is crucial to organizational growth and expansion as well.

Not sure where to start? Try these:

  • Start at the beginning – Make sure you’ve taken time to explain to each member how pivotal their role is and why. Help them to understand the value of each position and how each position, when working synergistically, strengthens the overall team.

  • Offer training – Support them in continual growth by offering on-going training and use assignments and challenges to strategically push them out of their comfort zone.
  • Empower them & Let them work – This is easy, once you get them started. Continue to lead them. Empower them to ask questions, to seek solutions, to be a team player. Do what you can to avoid micromanaging them. Let them flex those skills and strengthen their own leadership. Let them know it is ok to bring you problems and/or challenges they are facing, however make sure they know you also want to hear what their recommended solution is.

  • Regular Meetings – In addition to weekly team meetings, take time to have 1:1 meetings with them to check-in, learn what they feel is going well, where they are feeling challenged, ask questions, empower them to ask for support where warranted and discuss goals – both short and long-term.

  • Build a Plan for their Growth – Not all team members will want to step into the next level or into leadership, however for the ones that do, stretch them in their assignments and keep them aware of the expectations at both the current and next level. Encourage them to track their progress, and of course track their progress yourself as well.

Growth doesn’t have to be some huge scary thing. It starts with the small consistent steps that lead to the bigger steps.

Being an active, engaged leader sets the tone for the entire team to be active and engaged – not only in your expected role and responsibility, however for the collective teams role and responsibility in driving towards your goals.

It’s that time again, time for you to ask yourself, are you and your leadership an asset or a liability to your business?

Take a few seconds right now to write down 3 things you will do this week to help YOUR TEAM grow.

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