Do you Struggle with Perfection?

Do you struggle with perfection

“Don’t wait for the perfect moment. Take the moment and make it perfect.” So fascinating how the universe works. A while ago I was discussing with a client about an email she’ll be sending out later this week to her audience. I caught myself sharing this advice, “I encourage you to pause right now and […]

This ONE Thing Fires Me Up

This one thing fire me up!

STOP Believing you have to work more to grow. One thing I hear often from business owners that really fires me up is this belief that you HAVE to work more hours in order to grow your business. Somewhere along the lines you bought into the hype that “grind n hustle” – working 24/7, including […]

Daily Motivation Exercise

Daily Motivation Exercise

Picture this…It’s Monday morning. You’re laying in bed with the warm sun beating down on your face. The alarm beeps and instead of feeling sluggish and reaching for the snooze button, you actually swing your legs over, plant your rise with vibrant energy, ready to tackle the day and turn your to do list into […]

Are You Defined by Your Title?

are you defined by your title

What do you do for a living? It’s a simple question most of us hear on a regular basis. Which we reply with something like: “I’m a Business Owner.” “I’m a CEO.” “I’m a Founding Partner.” “I’m a Managing Partner.” “I’m a Digital Marketer.” “I’m a Bookkeeper.” Instinctively our job titles define us as human […]

Thought Provoking Tuesday: How Do You Define Success?

How do you define success

In today’s Thought Provoking Tuesday I want you to focus on success. How do you define success? Chances are many of you are apt to throw out the standard response of, “When I make $XXX per year that will mean I’m successful.” And as my clients know, if I hear that response from them initially, […]

3 Ways to Keep Your Business Spark Alive

3 Ways to Keep Your Business Spark Alive

Running a business is rewarding and, it can also be exhausting. Whether you’re trying to keep up with the latest technology to motivating team members, it’s a mammoth task, and somebody’s gotta do it! So how do you keep that entrepreneurial spirit alive? Think of your business relationship as a life-long commitment through the highs, […]

Opportunity In A New Day

Opportunity in a New Day

~ A New Day Brings Opportunity for a New Outlook ~ Late last month something happened that most business owners dred. My website crashed. The entire thing went down – gone – fatal error. And murphy’s law, it happened the day before my vacation with DJ. As you can imagine I was in a state […]

Authentic Vs. Perfection

Authentic Vs. Perfection

I used to think in order to be authentic, perfection was required. …otherwise you just open things up to be judged left and right by others (I’m learning just how much this former belief says about me and how I viewed the world – more on that later). These last few years my eyes and […]