I’m not here to dispute Simon Sinek and his powerful suggestion to “Start with WHY”. I absolutely agree with the importance of starting with your “why”. I also believe it is incredibly valuable to know the “why” behind each one of your goals, and on a daily basis, to be clear on the “why” behind each of your intentions.

When we pause for clarity on our “why’s” throughout our day’s thoughts, behaviors and actions, we have a much greater chance of staying in alignment with who we are, what we are here to do and what we are committed to accomplishing.

Let’s delve into why having a clear “why” isn’t always the sole factor for reaching those high 6 and 7+ figure annual gross revenue milestones. As a dedicated business growth strategist, I’m here to shed light on the key components that compliment your overarching focus:

Hopefully this shone some light for you, understanding your “why” is undeniably powerful, AND, it’s the integration of these additional components that truly propels your business to the high 6 and 7 figure revenue growth milestones.

Your purpose lights the way, however it’s the combination of strategic planning, skill development, adaptability, resource management, risk assessment, collaboration, mindset, execution, and ongoing learning and leading that transforms your “why” into a thriving and prosperous business reality.

As your dedicated business growth strategist, I’m here to help you navigate this holistic journey and unlock the full potential of your business in the coming year.


Service-based business owners hire Dana Earhart when they are ready to Optimize Their Way to 7 Figure Growth experiencing more money, more time freedom and more JOY along the way!

Many come ready for a triage of their time and money drains. They’ve created success and keep getting pulled into the day-to-day operations, knowing they “should” be at the wheel, leading the company and its people.

With 25+ years in consulting, Dana’s built teams from the ground up and led teams of 2 to 100 across multiple continents. It was almost 11 years ago, with a toddler in tow, she took the leap, leaving a 20 year career in corporate consulting, to launch her own business.

Today, as a Business Growth Strategist and the CEO of Dana Earhart Consulting, Dana helps transform “overwhelmed and overworked” 6 & 7-figure business owners into THRIVING 7+ Figure CEOs, without being workaholics. Helping others lead more effectively while streamlining and simplifying is one of her super powers.

By blending business strategy with personal growth and development, Dana delivers a holistic approach for business owners ready to optimize their way to 7-figure growth creating more money, more free time and more JOY!

If any of this resonates, schedule an Optimized Business Growth Strategy Session for you to explore if you are a good fit for one of her coaching and consulting programs.

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