As the year progresses, it’s common to find yourself straying from the path towards your year-end goals, in business (and life). Distractions, unforeseen challenges, and moments of doubt can derail your initial momentum. Cracking the code

In these moments it is important to remember that you can quickly and easily realign your vision and determination to catapult yourself towards those 2023 Goal Posts.

As I remind my clients often, a contraction always arrives before the expansion. Meaning get comfortable being uncomfortable and find peace in that space of uncomfortableness, knowing you are exactly where you are meant to be in this moment.

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Circuit 2016, wearing my sons Superman Cape

Trust me, the last month has been a strong “contraction” for me with some unexpected doubt, fear, challenges, frustration and even a couple tears. Not sharing this from a place of drama, rather simply sharing that I’m human. I feel these ups and downs and at times the doubt creeps in too (even though I like to think I’m a superhero somedays 😜 ). Cracking the code

If you find yourself in this season, know that you are not alone.

It’s imperative you have a great support team and your own personal blueprint handy when you find yourself in this season…and the good/bad news is, seasons tend to be cyclical.

With only 22.5 weeks remaining in 2023 and summer break coming to a close for some of us with kids heading back to school in the next few days, the timing is perfect to realign with your vision and goals, regardless of what season you find yourself in.

What I’ll share next are the exact steps to take to pull yourself out of this season of contractions – to pick yourself up, dust yourself off to refresh, regroup, and most importantly realign with the vision and goals you declared for 2023.

Let’s get going:

  1. First and most importantly…do something you enjoy – by yourself or with someone! The sooner, the better as this is the best way to start recalibrating your energy (mine usually includes some time outdoors for fresh air, vitamin D, the beach or a relaxing pool) 😉
  2. After your energy is recalibrated, take some time to pause and evaluate your daily health habits. Ask yourself:

3. Decide what small (or large) shift you can make

Depending on your answers above, start deciding what small (or large) shifts you can begin making in your day-to-day schedule to start really honoring your body and taking care of it – it is the most important tool in your tool box afterall.

4. Map out your schedule

From here it’s time to map out your schedule on a daily, weekly, monthly basis. I strongly recommend you have at least a month in advance mapped out. By the 15th of this month, be mapping out the entire next month. This is one of the best ways to ensure you are leading your schedule and not allowing your schedule to lead you. Questions to ask at this stage are:

6. Take a step back:

Reassess your aspirations, and envision the outcomes you desire once more. Allow yourself to feel what it feels like to have already accomplished these goals. Remember this feeling and let the energy of that feeling drive your actions moving forward. By consciously connecting with vision (head), with the feeling (heart), grounding yourself in both of these on a daily basis and taking action from this inspired energy, you will have a greater chance of staying the course.

Celebrate every milestone and learn from setbacks. Keep moving the needle forward each and every day. Cracking the code

Your journey does not have to be solo, in fact your likelihood of achieving your desired outcomes is significantly increased when working with a business coach or strategist. Seek out mentors who can provide guidance and wisdom along the way. Surround yourself with individuals who share your vision and can keep you focused when distractions arise. Their insights and encouragement can be the fuel that keeps your momentum strong.

So, buckle up for the journey ahead, armed with the clarity of your aligned vision, the energy of already having accomplished it, along with inspired action and the support of mentors and coaches. These transformative next few weeks will serve as the stepping stones that lead you closer to nailing each of your year-end goals, and position you for 2024 to be your BEST year in business yet.

If you are curious and would like to explore what it would look like to work with me directly through my The Optimized 7-Figure CEO or The Optimized 7-Figure Business programs this year, please send me a DM and say “EXPLORE”. Cracking the code

Ready to up the ante and optimize your business faster? Grab a day/time that will work for you and let’s start talking to determine if we’re a good fit.

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