As we bid farewell to another year, looking ahead and strategizing for the new one is crucial. Particularly for those in the service industry, December isn’t just a time for holiday cheer; it’s a critical period for laying the groundwork for 2024.

According to Harvard Business School, 48% of leaders spend less than a day on strategy each month. (HBS –

In a recent Bridges Business Consultancy study, 48% of all organizations failed to meet at least half of their strategic targets.

Let’s discuss the challenges you might face if you don’t leverage this crucial month and how you can turn things around.

The Pitfalls of Inadequate Planning

1. Lack of Strategic Direction: Stepping into the new year without clear goals and plans is like sailing without a compass. You risk missing opportunities, misallocating resources, and adopting a reactive approach to problems. December is your chance to set clear goals, focus your resources, and align your team with your business vision.

2. Cash Flow Challenges: The post-holiday season may lead to fluctuating cash flow and heightened expenses. Without smart financial planning in December, you might struggle to balance the books, hindering your ability to optimize growth.

3. Competitive Disadvantage: The business world is ever-changing, and staying ahead means continuously adapting. If you’re not using December to assess market trends and competitors, you might miss out on critical opportunities to innovate and remain relevant.

Flip the Script with The December Edge!

The good news? You have the power to change this narrative! This December, take the reins and set a solid foundation for your best year ever. It’s all about being proactive, strategic, and prepared.

And here’s something to help you along this journey – join me at The December Edge masterclass on December 12th. This isn’t just another business workshop; it’s 60 minutes of practical steps for effective planning, strategic direction, and financial management tailored for today’s dynamic business environment. We’ll explore ways to turn challenges into opportunities and start 2024 on a solid footing.

Don’t let another year slip by without maximizing its potential. Click here [The December Edge Masterclass] to register for the masterclass and make December the month where your 2024 success story begins!

I look forward to seeing you there and making 2024 a year to remember!

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