Leadership, be it leadership of self, family, community, a sports team or your own business, the one thing they all have in common, the more well-rounded and optimized the leadership, the more optimized results will be.

Now before we dive into what makes Great & Optimized Leadership, let’s identify the side effects (both visible & invisible) of leadership that is not optimized:

Visible Side Effects:

Invisible Side Effects:

Surprised by some of these?

You are not alone.

The effects of non-optimized leadership in a service-based business extends beyond what’s immediately visible. While some impacts are easily noticeable, others are subtler yet equally damaging to team morale, growth and the overall success of the organization. Instead, recognizing these effects is crucial for businesses to address leadership challenges and work towards optimization.

Ok, now that you’re clear on some of the visible and invisible side effects of non-optimized leadership – let’s get moving with some clear cut ways for you to position and continually develop yourself as an optimized leader.

Here are some basic steps to follow:

Self-Assessment and Awareness:

Set Clear Goals:

Continuous Learning:

Mentorship and Coaching:

Practice Empathy and Emotional Intelligence:

Delegate and Trust:

Encourage Feedback and Collaboration:

Lead by Example:

Embrace Change and Innovation:

Celebrate Successes:

Reflect and Adjust:

Please remember

developing optimized leadership is a life-long journey that requires dedication, consistency and a growth mindset. Stay committed to your growth, be patient with yourself, acknowledge and celebrate the positive impact your leadership has on your team and organization on a regular basis.


For the last 10+ years I’ve been using my optimization framework to help clients streamline and simplify their way to high 6 and 7+figures, while simultaneously creating an extra 8-10 hours a week of additional free time to spend doing things they love outside of the office.

There are 3 different paths to working with: 1) VIP Private Coaching 2) Group Coaching with direct access to me AND 3) Trainings modules with LIVE Group Coaching twice a month.

If you are ready to create this in your business and life as well, I’m guessing it’s worth exploring with a 30 min call to see if we may be a good fit? Grab a day/time that will work for you and let’s start talking to determine if we’re a good fit.

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