Meet Dana

It's About Building a Business & Life You Love.

With over 25 years of experience, Dana Earhart has extensive experience in building, leading and developing teams (made up of 2 – 100 individuals) from the ground up. With a wealth of knowledge, she has successfully mentored hundreds in a variety of leadership positions.

Dana has a proven track record of delivering results for her clients, having assisted them in doubling their revenue within 60 days, tripling it within 90 days, and adding multiple 6-figures to their bottom line. Her extensive real-world experience, paired with ongoing training, enables her to provide a shortcut to high 6 and 7-figure success. By working with her, you can create robust systems that increase your profits and free up your time. 

Inspired by wanting more time with her son, DJ, Dana created a business that aligns with her personal values and goals. Her mission is to empower others to do the same, by providing guidance on building a business that supports their desired lifestyle.

Dana is a graduate of King’s College in Wilkes-Barre, PA, holding a Bachelor of Science degree in both Marketing and Business Administration. She has completed 5 levels of leadership courses with PSI Seminars, an international personal development and leadership organization. She also returned as a volunteer for 3 of the levels.

Serve More. Earn More. Enjoy More.”

Dana has always had a strong calling to be part of making a difference in others’ lives. She invested almost twenty years in fundraising consulting and marketing, with a year in real estate, before pursuing business coaching and consulting. Business coaching and consulting provides an environment to positively impact others’ businesses and in-turn their lives on a more intimate level. She coaches business owners and leaders to achieve successful results, not only in business, we ensure they are creating a business that will support their overall life vision.

Get to know Dana

Why she does what she does

Dana says "the path chose her." Being a natural leader, Dana followed her instincts and passion. She invested in education and personal growth through coaches and development seminars, gaining valuable skills and tools that honed her ability to not only create the life she wanted, but to help others grow into seasoned leaders themselves. With a passion for learning and accountability, Dana now shares her knowledge and experience to help others grow their business and create fulfilling lives. In her own words, "Life is not a rehearsal, it's the main act. I can show you how to achieve success in all aspects of life."

Dana Earhart

What Makes Dana's Coaching Different

Dana believes that each person has unique skills and tools to share as a coach, and that finding the right fit with a client is key to successful results. She combines her expertise in business operations, strategy and analysis with her passion for personal growth and development to help her clients overcome obstacles and create the life they desire. Dana has personal experience overcoming challenges such as stress, anxiety, depression and addiction and has used these experiences and the tools she's gained from coaching to become the successful coach she is today. She dedicates herself to helping her clients achieve their goals and dreams, create a life they truly enjoy.

One Way She Would Change the World...

Hunger. Food and clean water is an absolute necessity of life. Dana believes every single human is born with a divine right to have access to nutritious food and clean water. So much illness and loss comes from not having good food and Dana would love to see this all disappear with a magic wand.

Dana's One Recommended Book

(Without hesitation) Robin Sharma – The Saint, The Surfer and The CEO. A friend of Danas suggested the book to her and after reading it the first time, She gave over two dozen copies to friends and family members. Dana is sure she has recommended it even more often. It’s an easy read with the potential to impact the reader so profoundly with simple reminders on how to live in the moment and live from the heart, not in our heads.

Words of Wisdom

Dana would say her biggest recommendation is to take full advantage of what you have in front of you. Always remember that through giving we receive, through supporting others we grow, and by showing up, we come more alive.

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