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Guiding busy, and often overwhelmed,
6 and 7-figure service-based business owners into THRIVING 7+ Figure CEO's.

As a leading business strategy consultant and coach, I am committed to fostering the growth of leadership, increasing profits and promoting more JOY, freedom & fun for service-based business owners. 

This mission lies at the very foundation of my consulting services ensuring you, outstanding results.

"You must be willing to work more intentionally on yourself than you do anything else or you risk being the greatest limitation in your business."

Eager to take the next step in growing your business? Book a strategy call, where we will create a personalized plan to achieve your personal business goals, together. 

Optimized CEO Trainings

Micro Training with Dana

Who is leading your calendar

Taking back your calendar to increase productivity and hone your mindset.

This one thing fire me up!

Do you have to work Hard to grow?

This one thing fires me up, and can shift your mindset and change your business.

How do you define success

How do you define success?

Chances are many of you are apt to throw out the standard response of, “When I make $XXX per year that will mean I’m successful.”

3 Ways to Keep Your Business Spark Alive

3 Ways to keep your business spark alive.

Think of your business relationship as a life-long commitment through the highs, lows, droughts, floods, feast and famine.

What Makes Me Different?

Holistic approach to business development

In addition to addressing all aspects of business, including leadership, operations, financials, marketing, and mindset, I also incorporate a focus on your health and relationships as well, in order to achieve overall success and growth in a comprehensive and sustainable way.

Elevated Mindset and Daily Practices for Success

I focus on your mindset and the power of words, teaching the principles of neuroplasticity and daily practices as key components for success in business, as well as life.

Unique perspective on business management and leadership

I apply a unique perspective on business management and leadership by combining traditional techniques with innovative strategies, such as focusing on daily rituals, prospect psychology, and mindset to achieve success in a way that is tailored to the individual's goals.

Experience in developing effective marketing strategies

I offer decades of experience and practical application in developing and implementing effective marketing strategies, from both online and offline platforms.

Stop the Grind.

At Dana Earhart Consulting, Strengthening Leadership, Growing Profits and Increasing JOY is the foundation of what I mentor my clients to achieve. 

I am a results-driven Business Growth Strategist, working with my clients to gain clarity on what your life vision is and help you grow, then scale your business in support of that vision. I strategize with you on the best next steps to make this happen – eliminating time and money drains, while optimizing efficiency and productivity. Outlining which areas will benefit the most from your attention to have the biggest impact. Together we create a custom plan to be implemented by you and your team, and the celebrations for achieving the goals are planned as well.

What Our Clients Say

"Dana is the real deal! She is an amazing woman inside and outside of her career. I confided in Dana that I was ready to take my business to the next level. She met with me and showed me the “blind spots” in my business and helped me put systems in place that smoothed out those areas so that I can run my business more efficiently. Dana also held me accountable, which is something I needed more than just words of encouragement. Time management was a vital part of my growth with my business. With Dana’s systems in place, I am now able to break down what my goals require of me on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis. I now see that my vision is not just a dream, it is happening! With Dana, I was able to triple my revenue in 3 months! Every month, my business is growing stronger, more streamlined and efficient. I highly recommend Dana Earhart as a business strategist. You will not be disappointed."
Lindelle Kamanu
Owner Lohaki Studios
"Dana taught me how to be a 7+ Figure CEO. From there I was able to lead my business to become a successful 7+ Figure Business."

"Dana kept me on track and focused on my goals. She constantly reminded me of what I said I wanted. Keeping me motivated and accountable for what I said I’m going to do. Pushing me to grow and become better today than I was yesterday. Together we added well over 6-figures to my bottom-line."
“Dana is a great business coach who worked with me for two years. During that time we had weekly calls which allowed me to keep "on track" with the program she had put in place. She provided many ideas regarding policies and procedures, adding new systems, while strengthening existing ones, as well as different ways to increase revenue overall. I am thankful for her support in my business. My business grew significantly during those 2 years and has seen at least 40% growth each year since.”


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