Transforming from a busy 6-figure business owner to a thriving 7+ figure CEO is within your grasp. The secret ingredient? A coach, strategist, and mentor who can guide you to that next level of success. With decades of experience, Dana has been helping business owners like you achieve their goals and even surpass their own expectations, propelling them towards extraordinary achievements, while simultaneously helping them create more free time to enjoy more of life.

If you find yourself:

  • Eager to take your business to new heights,
  • Frustrated by constantly needing to put out fires,
  • Unsure where to focus your efforts,
  • Overwhelmed and struggling to find enough time,
  • Desperate to break free from the unpredictable cash flow roller coaster,

And if you firmly believe:

  • That you have untapped potential waiting to be unleashed,
  • That now is the perfect time to seize it,
  • That it’s time to expand your team, attract more clients, enhance your leadership skills, and increase your profits,
  • That you’re ready to work ON your business, not just in it,
  • That this will be the year you achieve the next significant milestone – reaching $300K, $500K, $1M, or even $5M+.

Then it’s time to schedule a strategy session with Dana. This is your opportunity to gain invaluable insights, create a customized roadmap for success, and make remarkable strides towards your ambitious goals. Don’t wait any longer—book your strategy session today and unlock the potential that lies within you and your business.

You don't have to fly solo...

Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone in your success corner? Someone with an outside perspective, a sympathetic ear, and the experience and objectivity to help you focus your efforts to get real results? If you are ready to do something different and create sustainable growth while having more time to do the things you love with the people you want to do them with, take action! Review the programs below and click the link that feels like the best fit.

Private Coaching

The Optimized 7-Figure CEO Coaching is an exclusive opportunity for a small number of very committed business owners who want individual attention, are willing to invest and are action takers.

This level of strategizing,  coaching and consulting is the ultimate opportunity to work with someone who knows small business leadership and what it takes to be successful at creating long-term sustainable growth. This level of coaching is designed for those individuals who plan and act on purpose to OPTIMIZE their leadership to become a thriving 7-Figure CEO. I’ll be with you along the way as you move into strategic, intentional action creating a successful business, that supports the life you want.

To ensure I can fully support you in your success, I limit the number of private clients I take on each year – not working with more than 10-12 at any given time.

If this is you, contact Dana for a 45-Minute Strategy session.  Remember, successful CEOs take decisive action!

VIP Day with Dana

A private VIP day with Dana is where you can remove months (or even years!) of frustration, bad moves, poor leadership, missing systems, and lost revenue. In just a few hours together, we can develop a plan to catapult your business to the next level.

Do you think this might be a valuable proposition for your business? For your life?

One VIP day with Dana has the power to change your day-to-day life and achieve the results you want. Together we will map out a custom plan for the coming year including financial goals, products/services being offered, mindset, team needs/development, and more. The business strategies with both short and long-term results that come from the brainstorming of ideas, power partners, and discussion during your VIP Day can literally change the trajectory of your business.

Contact Dana to Learn More about Your VIP Day

Register for My Next Masterclass

Dana covers the 5 Pillars to elevated LEADERSHIP, increased PROFITS and more FREEDOM (time and money) to spend more time doing what you love, with those you love.

Join my next Masterclass and find out how. It’s the best 45 minute investment you can make for yourself and your business!

Dana is a results-driven small business growth strategist. She’ll work with you to gain clarity on what your business needs. She’ll strategize with you on how you can make this happen – eliminate time and money drains, while optimizing efficiency and productivity. Outlining which areas need the most attention to have the biggest impact.  She’ll create a custom plan with you, based on what it is you want and need, and support you along the way, modifying the plan as needed.

Praise for Dana Earhart Coaching

Dana's sound advice and straight-talk helped us move our business back into the days of 6-figure years and now high 6-figures. Thank you, Dana, for helping us navigate the path and find our way!
Dana kept me on track and focused on my goals. She constantly reminded me of what I said I wanted. Keeping me motivated and accountable for what I said I’m going to do. Always pushing me to grow and become better today than I was yesterday. Grew by six Figures to bottom line."
Michael Ortiz L.M.T
Owner Massage Customs
I came to Dana wanting professional results. I left with results in AND out of the office! When I engaged her services to help me gain clarity regarding the next phase of my career. I was at a crossroads between continuing to pursue an entrepreneurial endeavor I had been involved in for nearly two years, or to go back to a corporate career. As you can imagine it was a difficult decision as I had invested heavily, not only monetarily, but time, in my business. Working with Dana helped me to better understand where and how I received my personal career satisfaction and where my talents were best matched. Her clarity, ability to keep me on track and motivated helped me to define a strategy that I could then implement. The process has not only benefitted me professionally, but personally as well.
Dana is an exceptional coach that has guided me to grow in so many areas!
Leslie Johnson
Dana Earhart is truly a gift to work with. She embodies a calm presence that is centered and very focused. She listens well and wraps it up with a commitment to tangible action steps that empowers you to move forward and achieve your desired goals. I highly recommend Dana as one who can provide you with the tools necessary to take your life and business to the next level!
Dana is such an inspiration. She has taught me a lot. Life is so busy that we forget to do things for ourselves. She has slowed me down enough just to open my eyes to my potential, and to find the happiness I am looking for, while keeping my business growing.
Dana was a great business coach who worked with me for two years. During that time we had weekly calls which allowed me to keep "on track" with the program she had put in place. She provided many ideas regarding policies and procedures as well as different ways to increase revenue. I am thankful for her support in my business. My business grew significantly during those 2 years and has seen at least 40% growth each year since.
Jeremy Shugarman Owner
All Kinds of Insurance
Dana is the real deal! She is an amazing woman inside and outside of her career. I confided in Dana that I was ready to take my business to the next level. She met with me and showed me the "blind spots" in my business, and helped me put systems in place that smoothed out those areas so that I can run my business more efficiently. Dana also held me accountable, which is something I needed more then just words of encouragement. Time management was a vital part of my growth with my business. With Dana's systems in place, I am now able to breakdown my days, weeks, month, and year goals. I now see that my vision is not just a dream, but a possibility! With Dana, I was able to triple my revenue in 3 months! Every month, my business is growing stronger, more streamlined, and efficient. I highly recommend Dana Earhart as a business coach. You will not be disappointed.
Dana is an amazing person first and foremost. Her ability to empathize, engage and foresee her client’s needs is unparalleled. But do not misunderstand her characteristic kindness for weakness. Dana will push you so far past your comfort zone toward the life you’ve imagined, and when you lack strength, she lends hers to you. I’ve been working with her for 4 months. In those 4 months, I’ve earned what my business used to earn in a year. Although she is supremely positive, she does not engage in optimism without action, she engages in positive action...and she can change your life!
"I have made great strides both in my business and a new project that has come to fruition quickly. Dana has played an integral part in my moving from stuck to once again successful in getting things jump-started again. She has been a great asset not only to me but to my business."
The support you have given me these last few months has made a WORLD of difference to me, my business, my marriage, and every client I support. You’ve helped me to show up better. Thank you! ~ Teresa (no last name of photo to be used at this time) Dana has a combination of talents you won’t find anywhere else: a charismatic natural leader and marketing/business guru. Who else can read exactly what’s going on in your mind (even when you can’t), shove you into your uncomfortable zone, and then teaches you in a “how-to” action plan?"
Deanna J Johnson

Find out how Dana Earhart Coaching can help support YOU and YOUR goals. 

Complimentary Strategy Call

Dana helps clients gain elevated LEADERSHIP skills, increased PROFITS and more FREEDOM – in and out of your business. Allowing YOU to spend more time doing what you love, with those you love.