Running a business is rewarding and, it can also be exhausting. Whether you’re trying to keep up with the latest technology to motivating team members, it’s a mammoth task, and somebody’s gotta do it! So how do you keep that entrepreneurial spirit alive? Think of your business relationship as a life-long commitment through the highs, lows, droughts, floods, feast and famine. Here are three tips on ways to keep that business spark of yours alive and thriving…

1. Be an Inspiration

Make a difference, get involved with your community. It makes you a valuable member and someone people look up to.  Remember, you’re a human being first and a business person second. Becoming a person that others look to for inspiration helps keep you on the track to living an authentic life as well.

Become a “brand” that people simply can not forget. The easiest way to do that is through positivity and inspiration. Knowing that your business is making a difference (to a charity, person, business or local community) will keep you motivated to do what you do best, because doing good makes you feel good. Also, look to mentors or other business owners you admire to see what they’re doing. Ask yourself, “why do they inspire me?” The answer can instill new ideas for your own business.

2. Create a Plan of Action

Date night is important to keeping your relationship healthy in marriage right?  Same goes for regularly scheduled “dates” with your business. Create a plan of action, one that will fuel your business to keep growing. Growth in itself will keep your spirit and spark alive because, think about it… who DOESN’T want to see steady growth and profits?! A plan of action should include your SMART goals (both long and short term) and specific times when you assess those goals.  By keeping track of your successes and actions, you’ll be better equipped to make appropriate business decisions.

3. Respect Your Business

Honor and respect your business as you would your partner.  Expect there to be ups and downs over the course of your relationship. Your ability to wether those storms will only make your business stronger in the end. How do you keep on going when feeling overwhelmed with your business? Or are you still struggling with dealing with these feelings?  

~ Dana

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