STOP Believing you have to work more to grow.

One thing I hear often from business owners that really fires me up is this belief that you HAVE to work more hours in order to grow your business. Somewhere along the lines you bought into the hype that “grind n hustle” – working 24/7, including nights and weekends – is the only way to grow your business.


Stop buying into this belief – it’s only true if you allow it to be.

Now I’m not talking about those of you who choose to work a night or weekend here and there in place of time off during the week. Heck, I’ve found myself adjusting my schedule, especially lately. Often the week I have my son there are a number of days I don’t work a traditional 8-hr day.

Some days, I’m calling it a “work” day by 3pm so I can take him and his friends swimming. Other days it may be that I want to have a leisurely breakfast with him and all of a sudden my 5-6am early riser is sleeping in until 7:30 – when did that happen?

Anyway, on those days I may take an unexpected 60 minute break when he wakes up, make him breakfast and spend a little time with him before he’s out the door with his friends. The beauty of being a business owner is having the choice and flexibility to build your life on your terms.

In those situations I may choose to make those hours up, and other days, I don’t “need” to because I planned accordingly. The challenge is, when you are “in the weeds” and spending more time in” your business” than “on” your business you are often too close to see where there are opportunities.

Opportunities like how to streamline, simplify, and generate additional revenue with what you already have in place. All while still being able to have more time out of the office doing what you love, with the people you enjoy and have fun with!

Don’t get me wrong – I’m also not saying growth doesn’t require you to work hard, to be intentional, to lead strategically and go after your goals tenaciously.

I’m saying work smart.

Delegate where you can.
Delay what’s not a priority.
Dump what isn’t in alignment with your goals.
Eliminate distractions..

And, just DO it – stop procrastinating

(I know, you know you are doing this)

In other words, just get’er done!

When I first meet with clients it is not uncommon for me to be able to find at least 2-6 hours a week where business owners are not leading themselves and/or their team efficiently. While also identifying where an additional $30K – $150K can be generated with no additional output.

If you are ready to add another $100K – $400K+ to your bottom-line in the next year, while also freeing up a few hours each week, let’s talk. One 45 minute call could change your business’s entire trajectory!