In today’s Thought Provoking Tuesday I want you to focus on success.

How do you define success?

Chances are many of you are apt to throw out the standard response of, “When I make $XXX per year that will mean I’m successful.”

And as my clients know, if I hear that response from them initially, I will absolutely challenge them on that. If you made all the money you dreamt of and had zero time to do what you love with those you love, would that still be how you define success?

And while that may be one way to define success…

Success comes in many sizes, shapes and forms.

To start with, you have your personal successes and business related successes. It’s easy to forget about your own personal growth when you’re so focused on building a business, and paying the bills.

I tell my clients, if you don’t intentionally focus on your own personal and professional growth, how in the world do you expect your business to grow? Seriously, I go so far to say that if you are not committed to continuously growing you, you absolutely risk becoming the greatest risk, and worse, liability in your business.

Growth, just like success, comes in direct proportion to the time, attention and intentional awareness you put on it. You are in the driver seat of your success – never lose sight of this. The beauty is that you have the opportunity to redefine what it means to discover and be successful in your life.

So instead of thinking that you’re “always chasing success”, I encourage you to celebrate the little victories as well. Oftentimes it’s the little victories happening again and again that turn into a HUGE snowball of victories that roll us right into an avalanche of success.

Today for example I was extremely successful in the personal growth department – I woke up at 5am and cranked out a few miles. Not too bad to say I’ve already created success by burning an extra 500+ calories and it’s only 7am!

What successes have you created today?

Struggling with your answer? Let’s schedule some time to chat and work through how to move you into the right mindset to align with your goals. So you can turn your ceiling into your next floor.

~ Dana