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The First Monday of this month got kicked off perfectly. A new day brings opportunity for a new outlook and I’m grabbing a hold of that.

Several miles cranked out, I listened to a couple chapters of a great book, ran into a couple of friends, spent time in nature, saw a beautiful sunrise, worked out after and torched 1,000 calories all before 7:45 this morning (and I even got my vaccine scheduled).

Funny how easy it is to let go of the simple habits that we know bring us happiness and can have such a positive impact on us.

For me walking, enjoying great weather and watching the sunrise brings peace and an increased desire to go make the most of the day.

Other days putting in a good ole sweat session at the gym and being able to walk out of there super proud of myself for taking care of me is just what fuels that desire….

….yet some days – and let’s be honest – a lot of days lately, I let my guard down and it became so easy to not take 45-60 minutes out of my day and do what I know brings me happiness and pride.


I’m fascinated when I think about the fact that if I know doing something will bring DJ (my son) happiness, boom – I will go out of my way to make it happen!

When there’s something I can easily do for my friends that will bring a smile to their face and heart, bam – I’ll go do it!

As I look back at this past year, I don’t even want to think about the number of hours I’ve sat my a** on my couch binging netflix and shows I dvr’d. Sure there was some enjoyment – and a couple hours a week is more than enough.

I’m humbled to say my binge sessions were far more than that a day…almost every day.


After spending 5 days at the beach last week and not once even thinking of turning on a tv, I was reminded how much life there is out there that I’m willingly letting fly by without me.

Choosing to do nice things for others can come so easily (and I’m grateful for that).

Yet, how often have I chosen the exact opposite for myself?

Sometimes I even allow the “mom” guilt to get in the way of making that choice for myself.

And, it’s not really that I allow that guilt to get in the way – if I’m really honest, it became an excuse I chose to hide behind.

So today is a new day.

It’s most definitely a day that brings a new outlook and a new level of commitment from me.

I don’t want to dwell on the question of how often I’ve not chosen me and to do what brings me happiness…

I want to focus on making a new decision.

Choosing me.

Choosing to continuously and consistently do things for me and for the life I’m creating.

A great friend of mine reminded me yesterday (in the midst of a total, all out emotional morning – sometimes this is exactly what we need – to grieve what was so that we can grow into what will be).

I had just said to my friend,

“Some days I’m not even sure where I fit in, in my own life.”

The wise words that were shared back with me were perfect –

“You fit into the life you create for yourself.”


Ahhh, yes the perfect reminder.
And don’t worry, I am totally ok, it was just a morning – the first Easter morning I did not have my son or share in any of the Easter traditions with him. I realize a number of friends thought I was with him after posting pictures on social media – and I wasn’t. They were pictures that were shared with me and for that I am grateful.

Another layer of change that happens in life after divorce. A layer that can bring more healing so my future will be that much more whole and loving on all new levels.

I share all of this as a reminder of the power in just one decision.

I can choose to stay in a sad, emotional state grieving what was and all the losses in my life,
…or I can choose to be grateful for everyone of those losses as they helped mold me into who I am today.
And give myself grace to know that just because the grief dissipates, doesn’t mean the memory does, nor is it a reflection of the level I loved.

What is available – every single day is choice.

I can choose to make the most of what is, while create what I dream of.

One decision.

One decision at a time can take you further away from what you actually desire…

Or, one decision at a time can just as easily be the decision that brings you closer to what you dream of.

Creating a life of your dreams doesn’t happen overnight.

Creating and living a life of your dreams happens one decision at a time.

What one decision can you make and live out today to bring you closer to your dreams?

Go do that!

You are more than worthy of it. ❤️

~ Dana

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