On one of my morning walks last week down in Huntington Beach, CA, I was fascinated watching the hundreds. Yes hundreds. Of surfers out before 6:30am, taking full advantage of some good waves coming in. And I’m guessing for many of them this is their workout/playtime before heading to work.

Seeing them got me thinking. There are valuable insights and lessons service-based business owners can draw from these wave riders.

1st and foremost, dedication and a relentless pursuit of improvement are key, much like surfers honing their skills. Just as surfers study the ocean, entrepreneurs must continually educate themselves in their industry to stay ahead.

And not just their specific industry. Honing their leadership skills, communication skills, talent development and management, technology as it relates to simplifying and streamlining their operations, etc. – like a surfer studies techniques, equipment, body strength.

Surfers definitely exemplify the importance of taking calculated risks and seizing opportunities. A reminder for business owners to embrace challenges with confidence.


is another crucial takeaway. As surfers wait for the next great wave. It mirrors the need to remain patient in business for results to take hold.


just like the surfers are out there day after day, week after week, testing different waves, different boards, different techniques. The same is required of entrepreneurs as they strengthen communications, sales techniques, hiring practices, customizing or tweaking service offerings, software platforms, etc.

Discipline and commitment

crucial in both realms, to ensure consistent progress. They realize the first time out of the gates it won’t be perfect or look perfect. That’s why lessons usually begin while still in the sand (I know you are smiling now as we’ve all seen, maybe even done it ourselves, where you practice standing on the surfboard without being on the water!)

What I really loved and appreciated

Seeing so many surfers all at once – was realizing how they were a collective group of like minded individuals. Out enjoying their craft with friendship and camaraderie. Alive and well as they would swim up to each other and give high-fives or fist bumps. It wasn’t about competition. It was about collaboration, enjoyment, sharing tips and techniques, taking turns, cheering each other on, laughing with one another.

Taking turns and enjoying the collective experience.

While there are more lessons to share, I’ll leave it with this one today. Just as surfers rest to recover in between waves, business owners benefit when they understand the significance of rest. Be it for creativity and sustainability and schedule down time on the calendar as well.

Rest and refuel allows for long-term results.


And as I started thinking of these parallels, I was reminded myself. When I change my surroundings, when I unplug, and when I do things I enjoy (sunrise walks, time near the ocean, spending time with mentor and colleagues on my business versus in my business – to name a few), I allow more clarity, creativity and intentionality in my own life and business as well.

A gorgeous sunrise reminds us of the opportunity create a masterpiece with the blank canvas of the day.

I guess my experience and this article are a perfect example of not just practicing what I teach. I’m preaching what I practice.

What lessons and reminders are around you that you may have missed?

Those you miss if you didn’t allow yourself to be fully present?

I’d love you to share them with us in the comments below.

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